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Christina Collaborates Does Crafts

One of the things that I have the most fun doing with the children I nanny are fun crafts. Kids in the 2-4 year old range are still learning so much about different colors, textures and tactile feelings, and it’s always fun to find a craft that changes things up.

Most of you parents are probably familiar with slime, a phenomenon of scientific proportions that seems to be sweeping the nation. I’ve heard talk of 13 year olds making businesses out of selling slime to their friends. Who knew the entrepreneurial spirit could hit so young! The version linked to above is a traditional recipe, one that I actually followed myself about 15 years ago when I was in middle school myself. I would like to tell you about another kind of slime, fluffy slime, that I learned about this week. This one is so much fun!

what-youll-need-1.pngIt took a little while to perfect the recipe, which involved adding way more glue than they said so it wouldn’t stick to your hands, but when your final result is big globs of purple and pink foam, who wouldn’t be happy?


leavesI also truly enjoy when I can bring a craft from my childhood into the lives of the kids I watch. I hope that they’ll remember the time we shared working on these crafts as fondly as I remember them from when I was a little one. My favorite fall craft that I remember from being a kid is wax paper place mats. My mom and I would collect all the pretty leaves on the ground and then stack them between wax paper. With the help of an iron to melt the paper together you can make a really neat craft that doubles as place settings on Thanksgiving! This is an easy activity that you can do with children of all ages. For kids who are a bit older consider adding chopped up crayons in fall colors and making fun patterns between the layers ofWhat You'll Need paper. You can even add more than one layer if you’d like! Check out what The Seasoned Mom had to say on the topic here, and leave me a comment about your favorite fall crafts!