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Crock-Pot Chicken and Cauliflower Curry

Full disclosure, I may be abusing the ease of the Crock-Pot in terms of how often I use it for the recipes I review. I’ve mentioned it before but between all the things I do I have over 60 hours of work scheduled each week. With that kind of schedule it’s so, so important that I have tasty meals that are accessible, will last in the fridge, and that I want to eat all week. This one checked..most of those boxes.

First off, this meal was perhaps the easiest yet to cook that I have reviewed. I didn’t even have to touch the chicken! Since my first post that mentioned my fear of approaching the meat counter in the grocery store I have fully overcome the anxiety and frequently purchase any meat that I need from the counter. It’s so easy to ask for 2lbs of chicken and not

have to deal with the gross packaging, and I haven’t directly compared costs but I’m nearly certain it’s been less expensive this weekend. This recipe was so easy I was able to drop the chicken out of the deli bag right into the Crock-Pot without messing around with those pesky chicken germs touching each kitchen surface. That’s a win for me absolutely any day.

Along with the chicken, most of the other ingredients got dropped right in and away the Crock-Pot went, cooking me up another tasty meal for the week.

I have to be honest, this one was tasty but I didn’t wanna eat it all week. It lacked color, and even with all the shredded chicken it sort of lacked texture. I was certainly glad I had plenty of cilantro to top it with, as well as some sauteed curry sweet potato. This added some depth but I still wasn’t completely sold. This needed more spices. Immediately I knew it was “spicy” enough, but it also didn’t have a whole lot of flavors other than the curry. It either could have used more curry (maybe double?) or more garlic and ginger, or other spices, to give it some depth of flavor; to make it interesting.

The recipe only calls for a cup, or maybe a half cup, of peas, but I thought that was the silliest amount. The bag of peas is only like 13 ounces anyway so I went ahead and dumped the whole bag in. There’s nothing wrong with more veggies and color in the recipe.

I also went with quinoa as a base, because it’s what I had, but I think that was a lame choice and I would definitely try basmati or Jasmine rice next time. Quinoa is mushy and earthy and I think by using it I limited the flavor profile. A different starch could have made a subtle but delicious difference in this dish.

This week I’ll see if I can squeeze in a meal that actually involves me doing something other than pouring ingredients into a big black bowl and heating them for hours.

Do you have a recipe you’d like me to try out and review for you? Comment below (something easy!) and I’ll see about making it soon!

Until then, stay hungry my friends

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