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I’ve Got You Covered

Alright friends, on the East Coast work has officially let out and some of you are already downing a beer or two before you head out for tricks with friends or treats with kids. Despite the fact that it’s 5:30pm on Halloween, I also know that some of you are still without Halloween costumes. Never fear! I’ve got you covered. Before you pop the top on that beer make sure you have some of the following items in your closet/makeup case, and if not, run to Walgreens stat!

First, the tried and true, kitty cat.
This one is simple. This morning before work at the pilates studio I threw together this look in a cinch. Grab a cute black shift dress. I’m a big fan of this one, but the one I wore had sleeves. I also recommend throwing on a pair of these Old Navy leggings, or your go-to black ones, and you’re almost done with this costume.
Now you can follow this youtube tutorial. It claims to be easy and I’d say it probably is if you have some time. In the 5 minutes I had, I threw some dots and whiskers on my face and called it a day. I finished up with 2 little buns pinned on either side of my head and I was good out the door.

Next, the mermaid.
On my way to work I thought of a costume I much would have preferred. I think the cat is cliché and I’ve done it a million times, so I would have liked something different, not to mention cats don’t come with same some connotation of glitter as a mermaid does!
I happened to buy a pair of teal leggings the other day, exact shade of The Little Mermaid’s tail, and some pink sports bras. I also have a purple workout top which helps for situations that require more clothes than a sports bra, which is nearly all of them in Colorado in autumn.
These aren’t the tops or bottoms I wore, but I seriously love Old Navy workout gear, and what I wore was from there. Any of these would help get the mermaid idea across.
Tank Top | T-Shirt | Patterned Leggings | Mesh Cut-Out Leggings

Now for some makeup.. I had heard that you could use fishnet tights and colored eyeshadow to make it appear as if scales were on your skin. I tried this.. and failed. The pattern barely showed up through the stockings and it just didn’t make sense. However, I came up with a method that I liked even better. On a quick trip to Walmart today I discovered a beautiful palette of glitter by Hard Candy. It’s basically like a dream come true. So I took my glitter brush and dabbed it into the pink glitter and put dots on my face, then purple, then blue, like fish scales. To pull it all together I blended it all a bit with the more neutral glitter colors.

Obviously for the mermaid you need a bit of help from your closet (or a friend’s closet??) but if you’ve got the colorful clothing this is a fun (and comfortable!!) costume you can throw together, while looking like you had it planned all along.

Finally, the jumpsuit.
These days, finding a costume has been made easier than ever. Gone are the days when the shelves are bare come Halloween day. I was in Walmart this morning and not only were there costumes left, but also plenty of adult onesies. I know that in some climates, such as my native Florida, it is not cold enough to wear a onesie on Halloween, but here in Colorado, for $20, it makes the perfect last minute pick on your way home from work. Just put on some warm layers, step in, zip up and go. I wore this one for Halloween with the girls I nanny yesterday.

I’m a huge fan of creativity in your Halloween costume, but not everyone has the time or money for that. Each of these options uses a bit of what’s in your closet, a bit of creativity and maybe a bit more imagination. But that’s the fun of it all, right?

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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